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Our officers and their families need your support.

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On May 1, 2015 six Baltimore Police Officers were indicted and suspended without pay in the wake of the riots and demands that they be charged criminally.  They were, some with murder.

Suspended without pay, they, and their families, lost their dignity and their incomes. They, and their families, suffer while some rejoice in their misfortune.

Sir Robert Peel's seventh principle of law enforcement says, "The police are the public, and the public are the police." Police are people. They must also be diplomats, doctors, constitutional lawyers, counselors, social workers, and advisors. If they succeed, it's expected. If they err, they're bums, even when they don't have either a crystal ball or some preternatural ability to read minds. They endure the worst vilification imaginable, just for trying, for doing the jobs they swore to do, like the Baltimore Six.

The Baltimore Six, each of them, took an oath to protect and to serve, precisely their goal during their interaction with Freddie Gray. For that, they and their innocent families, who sacrificed so much because they were police, now live a nightmare. They supported our community, doing a job few have the courage or ability to do. Now they need our support (both financial and moral).
Please contribute.  Please help them.
                                                            It's our turn now.